Our 0$ budget social impact project.



  • Build the website with e-commerce: www.iamheshima.org

  • Review branding to ensure cohesiveness throughout all platforms used

  • Create an official hashtag: #IamHeshimaOrg
  • Create new possiblities with Patreon

  • Develop a strategic posting calendar based on exisiting data to maximise reach

  • Create an Instagram strategy

  • Create a Google My Business listing



  • Facebook reach is 2 to 3x more than the amount of followers on the page

  • The page reaches outside the circle of influence, averaging 150 visits daily

  • Children are sponsored no more than 7 minutes after publication on FB
  • 350$ CAD monthly coming from Patreon

  • I am Heshima now has a social media army ready to click when needed

heshima stats.png

The FB page has 1.2k followers.  This post reached 2.5k.  You do the math.

" Natasha is one of the most reliable, dedicated, motivated and honest people I know. I fully believe in her and trust that whichever project she puts her hands on is destined for greatness. "

- Lexis Beattie, Co-Founder & CEO of I am Heshima