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Our 0$ budget social impact project.



  • Build the website with e-commerce:

  • Review branding to ensure cohesiveness throughout all platforms used

  • Create an official hashtag: #IamHeshimaOrg
  • Create new possiblities with Patreon

  • Develop a strategic posting calendar based on exisiting data to maximise reach

  • Create an Instagram strategy

  • Create a Google My Business listing



  • Facebook reach is 2 to 3x more than the amount of followers on the page

  • The page reaches outside the circle of influence, averaging 150 visits daily

  • Children are sponsored no more than 7 minutes after publication on FB
  • 350$ CAD monthly coming from Patreon

  • I am Heshima now has a social media army ready to click when needed

amazing organic statistics on social media with no budget

The FB page has 1.2k followers.  This post reached 2.5k.  You do the math.

" Natasha is one of the most reliable, dedicated, motivated and honest people I know. I fully believe in her and trust that whichever project she puts her hands on is destined for greatness. "

- Lexis Beattie, Co-Founder & CEO of I am Heshima

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