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One man taking on The Man.
Mission: Make sure Quebec knew who Pete was and what he was doing.



  • Develop a #tag.

  • Leave that #tag everywhere and anywhere relevant.
  • Create video hosting accounts and document his every move.
  • Develop a custom communication strategy.

  • Organize strategic Calls to Action to spread awareness.



  • As of 10/29/2019, about 709,000 results on Google for the name Pete Daoust, first 30 pages dominated.          (We stop counting at 30.  Mission accomplished.)

  • About 596 results for #OùEstLaSûreté.

  • 84k reach in the targeted demographic within the first year.
  • An offer to host his own weekly show in a well established crowdfunded studio.

  • Nominated leader of a new political party.

Pete Daoust Google Results over 700 000
our hashtag killing it online

Content is KING.

"Nat, you realize what you do is worth money, right?"

- Pete

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