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Get more Instagram followers with these 15 tricks!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Ever wonder how some users on IG gain a gazillian followers in a short span of time or just do so consistently? Some may be celebrities or influencers, but today, many are not.

What follows explains 15 ways to increase your follower count on Instagram. Nowadays, you don't need fame to gain a great following. It may take some extra elbow grease; I never said it was easy!

No matter where you are on the path to growing your Instagram presence, there exists a way to create an attractive, unique and high-quality experience with your audience. Let's get you right where you want it.

15 Steps to a bigger Instagram following:

  • Step 1: Determine the general purpose of your account

  • Step 2: Build your content strategy

  • Step 3: Design your profile for max engagement; if you wouldn't share it, don't make it!

  • Step 4: Post photos that grab attention

  • Step 5: Add long image captions to your post

  • Step 6: Add strategic hashtags

  • Step 7: Create a posting schedule

  • Step 8: Locate and follow your target users

  • Step 9: Follow 5 users per hour

  • Step 10: Become an active member of the community - comment, like, share, interact!

There you have it. Follow these 10 steps and you'll be growing out your Instagram community no time!

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Until we meet again,

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CORRECTION: The original article said follow 50 users per hour. That in fact was a typo. It should be 5.

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