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5 Tools Every Content Creator NEEDS

When one says content creation, one definitely says time consuming, amiright?!

Well, here I am today with 5 amazing tools that you absolutely need in your toolbox.

Whether it be for your website, a blog article, an e-mail campaign, writing will always take time. Finding the perfect picture but letting go because of the drunk friend in the background? Life's conundrum.

Take a peek below for 5 tools every content creator needs in their toolbox. Seriously. Ready? Here we go! We'll be covering:

You've written out your sales text. You're ready to go. You know it's perfect, but there's one problem: you want to make the same statement in multiple places without sounding repetitive and well, you're just not Merriam Webster. Who is?! Say hello to Quillbot, your paraphrasing pen pal! Copy your text. Paste it in. Let Quillbot paraphrase. Talk about saving time! The free version has limited words and restricted functions, but for what I do with it, it's perfect as is! Nothing is stopping you from progressing through your work in sections.

2 - Holy PDF paradise! Welcome to

Your one stop shop for EVERY SINGLE TOOL AVAILABLE for your PDF masterpieces! Convert pages, merge, split, add functionalities - the list goes on! You'll definitely want to bookmark this one.

Did you find the perfect picture for your website, but your bestfriend is in the background looking like they had one drink too many?

Check out!

  1. Upload your picture

  2. Use your mouse to highlight what it is you want to remove; precision not needed!

  3. Let the tool do its trick!

The results will surprise you!

Get it right the first time! Is this product name, membership program, or username taken? Nothing sucks more than starting up a new project only to find that some random 1 post per year Twitter user has the same username that you have already started using. You could go to Google like I used to do or you can check out! There is ONE platform they for some reason don't have on there, which is Instagram -- -- but! 90 other social media platforms + domains are there for you to validate! Red means in use, Green means available!

Who wouldn't want Hemingway's writing skills? Well guess what? Now you can "Hemify" (I just made that up, don't Google it) your text with

HemingwayApp. I'll let the app explain:

There you have it! 5 tools that every content creator should have in their toolbox and that I honestly can not do without.

You can thank us later.


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