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[2023] Tag: You're it! Why Are H1, H2, & H3 Header Tags Important For SEO?

Updated: May 26, 2023

TL;DR: This Blog Post Is An Example Of Proper Usage Of Header Tags For SEO

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GUESS WHAT? Your header tags do more than just change the size and font of your writing.

I see this all the time; header tags being used for everything EXCEPT SEO. Just by knowing what these tags actually do, you can have your site ranking on Google like you're a Walton.

Why Are H1, H2, and H3 Header Tags Important For SEO?

What Do Header Tags Do To My SEO?

Header tags are what we call on-page SEO. used to communicate to search engines what your website is about, knowing how to use them is a must when looking at marketing in 2021. It's simple: Google reads your header tags by order of priority. H1: Read as your most important words by Google. This should be your title. It is the main search query you want to come up for. If you're signed up to my newsletter, I've taught you how to search for valuable topics for your blog posts. If you're not, sign up and write to me requesting the previous newsletters. I'll be more than happy to send them your way! Subscriptions are free right now and for a limited time; those who sign up will always have that right no matter what changes may come in the future. Sweet deal! Ok, carrying on... H2: Read as second in importance by Google. Usually used for subtitles.

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