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Why Do Blogs Make Money? | SEO

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


The Power of SEO

In case you had not noticed, or perhaps did not know, TL;DR actually means "Too Long, Didn't Read"

A) "Too long; didn't read.", meaning a post, article, or anything with words was too long, and whoever used the phrase didn't read it for that reason.
B) Also used by someone who wrote a large posts/article/whatever to show a brief summary of their post as it might be too long.

When we started building this website, this company, we had one goal in mind; become a case study of our own techniques. Up until recently, TL;DR had not spent ONE PENNY beyond buying a domain that wasn't being used.

We had Wix ads, a horrible URL that seemed never ending - but that didn't matter. NOT ONE BIT. That was not the point of this project.

What mattered was maxing out all of the free tools and knowledge

What mattered was maxing out all of the free tools and knowledge we had acquired about marketing on a shoestring budget, and applying them to ourselves.

All the way to our name being one of the most commonly used terms in digital media - everything was thought of - or at least we think... we'd be lying if we didn't acknowledge the speed at which tech moves.

I digress; I'll talk about our history in another article. Let's get to the important part; why SEO is your friend and content is KING!

Which brings us to this lovely blog article about WHY BLOGGERS KNOW BEST or

The Power of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. You see, there are no humans deciding upon everything single thing you see in search results. Sure, there is ample evidence of censorship, but this is not the point of this article.

The point is, for the most part, algorithms are deciding what to present to you when you search online, and it's the content on the website that speaks to those algorithms, letting them know when they should promote you. SEO once started with using keywords (like I'm going to do right here with TL;DR) - but times have evolved and long-tail keywords are now the winners of the content fight. In case you had not noticed, this whole article is being written for the very purpose I am beginning to explain. Ironic, isn't it? Ok carrying on...

What is a Long-tail Keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a series of words rather just one keyword. You could tell Google that your keyword is "onion" and get millions of searches, from people studying onions, planting onions, fascinated with onions -- or you could get better quality hits and a higher potential of conversion for your spice shop with the long-tail "best onion soup recipe", which would zoom in on the foodies and their searches. Now why would you do that? You do that because people ask Google questions, and you want to be the answer they find. You want to be found, but by those who may actually be interested in buying what you have to sell. Someone just searching "onion" for a study may not be quite as likely to convert as someone trying find a technic to stop themselves from tearing up when they slice and dice, who is a foodie, and just may buy those dehydrated onions you're selling. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, this was mentioned in the first edition of Cyber Sunday Tech Talks. You can sign up here and click on the login bar, top right. it's never too late!

Get your mouse ready, it's time for

How to Choose Content for a Blog Article and Reach the Right Demographic!

Step 1: Go to Google.

Step 2: Start typing 'lemon' - but don't click on search! What do you see? It should look something like this:

See those prepopulated suggestions? Google is asking you if you may be searching for those suggestions - because that's what people are asking Google. See where I'm headed yet? Ok let's move on to step 3.

Step 3: Click search! What happens next is an avalanche of Google telling you what is most requested. You should see the same thing as in the image below. You may need to scroll down to find it, but if you're searching with lemon as I proposed, it won't be far.

It's the PEOPLE ALSO ASK section. This. Is. GOLD. These are the TOP QUESTIONS people are asking Google related to your search. Have you figured it out yet?

If not, spoiler alert.


Want to start ranking and reach broader audiences on global scale? What your domain to be worth more than the 2.99 you paid for it? This is it. You want to be the reference answering these questions. Just search for Fruit Fly. Orkin is killing it, and once you have a look at their fruit fly page you'll understand why, now that I've explained blog writing for Google.

They outrank WIKIPEDIA.

Pretty nuts, right?

Well, that is enough for this article; there is a reason we're called TL;DR - if we try to unwrap EVERYTHING that is implicated with online marketing, you'll look like the lady with the fumes coming out of her ears on our Beginners Series page.

I leave you with words, I was told, should be trademarked. A cross between what Just Some Guy™ once said to me that stuck and a quote from one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams.

"If it's RIGHT, when you BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME™"

(That's for you, Nina) Keep On Keeping, Folks!

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