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Here’s How to Build a Sales and Marketing Team to Achieve All Your Business Goals

TL;DR: Having a cohesive team is key and taking the time to shop around is a MUST.

Look, hiring employees and finding the right professionals for the job is never easy. There are hundreds of resumes to sort through, interviews to conduct, and trainings to hold. And at the end of the day, you will never know if your monetary and effort-based investments are going to pay off.

If you’re in the sales and marketing space, you know how transient the industry is and how much passthrough there is. What if we told you there’s an easy way out of the hiring hurdle? Here, Amy Collett from shares with us the perfect strategy to meet your internal goals and skyrocket to your success.

When in Doubt, Go Outside

CNBC reports that the freelance industry has grown by 22% since 2019. The market is clearly hot for contractors: which has significant implications for you and your business. When hiring professionals, opt for workers outside your own company. Why? Well, contractors get the job done faster and with more specialized skills than generalist employees. Not to mention, you won’t be spending countless hours (and dollars) in training them and getting them up to speed. Freelancers also handle their taxes, so you’ll save significantly in that regard as well.

How Do I Find the Right Professional?

Start by reflecting on the job at hand. Is it a project with a definite end date, or is it ongoing? How many hours a week do you need it worked on? What are some essential requisites when it comes to education, certification, and skill level? By assessing these questions, you’ll be able to create a detailed job description reflecting the desired responsibility and experience level. If you’re still struggling to get going, check out this guide on writing effective job postings by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

After you’re done getting the word out, be sure to conduct well-structured interviews to test efficacy. Lastly, be sure to ask for references (and don’t forget to verify them). You’ll want to request references from within the sales and marketing space so you get an understanding of the professional’s response to industry-specific challenges.

What Skills Should I Be Looking For?

Sales and marketing teams form foundational success for every kind of business. After all, developing the best product in the market has no meaning if you can’t get the word out and customers in. When you’re looking to hire from outside the organization, look for freelancers with specific product/services knowledge and experience within your niche. This will be indispensable if there’s an issue your onboarded team struggles with. Excellent communication skills will also be a must, as you’ll need someone good at active listening and giving regular updates and handovers.

Building a Team

Once you’ve got your hiring system set up, you can begin hiring a range of different professionals to reach your goals. For example, copywriting freelancers are aplenty and will be necessary for crafting social posts and newsletter marketing. Backend sales professionals who watch outreach efforts, analysis, and records will also be essential for maintaining a handle on how your efforts are tracking. Lastly, freelancer video editing services are another effective mechanism to market your business. Find the right video editing professionals by going through online job boards and weighing delivery times, cost, and testimonials and reviews. And when it comes to growth efforts, it’s prudent to outsource SEO and other essentials to professional consulting companies like TL;DR.

Hiring the right people is crucial for the success of your business. Every company needs to put in the time and work to find qualified professionals, but not every sales and marketing goal needs a full-fledged internal team. Building an external pool of freelancers and professionals is the best way to keep your investment low but your results high. Happy hiring!

Growing your business through SEO campaigns and sales funnels might be daunting. But with the right professionals behind the wheel, you’ll finally have results to show for your effort. TL;DR Consultation is your one-stop shop for all things sales and marketing. Click here to book a free consult or contact us at for more information today!

Amy Collett, Branding Strategist and Author @

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