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They Always Come Back: A Short Story

how to find the best marketers for your business

I pride myself in what I have built; it spawned from a deep contempt for marketing agencies that a) don't understand the intricacies of the internet and b) suck your wallet dry and disappear.

This is a story that to me, is like Groundhog day. It happens over and over again, and the next thing I know a client I cut off is knocking on my door again.

2 Years Ago 2 years ago, a was referred a client who has amazing woodworking skills and wanted to bring his creations online. We started with branding. It was sexy as hell, reflective of the high-ticket items he had to sell, and ready to go. Next thing I know, I got an email from the entrepreneur introducing me to a new marketing agent that would be assisting. He was asking for me to work with her. Let's get something straight; I have no issues working with 3rd parties. I will not, however, allow you to keep paying for the same work, twice. This new agent wanted to start from scratch. Rebrand, the whole nine-yards. TL;DR has never paid for marketing and really isn't in need of new clients; we take on projects we admire and want to see prosper. We won't run after you, either.

That Was It So, that was it for TL;DR; I bid this man farewell and wished him good luck with his new marketing agent. Well, here we are, 2 years later. What did I get in my inbox? A email from said client who now finds himself in a few pickles:

  • He's paying for an email address he is not using that we had setup together for which he on longer has credentials

  • He paid this marketing agent 5k, she rebranded him, and has done nothing more, even though she sold her services as "marketing"

  • He has received zero marketing strategy or advice out his 5k

5 THOUSAND DOLLARS AND SHE CAN'T HANDLE HIS ETSY ACCOUNT. 5000 DOLLARS TO REBRAND A BRANDING THAT WAS FRESHLY DONE. Guess what happened? She's out, he wants TL;DR back in, and wants to start fresh... AGAIN. This is why TL;DR exists. These situations enraged us. A vast majority of marketing agencies, no matter the speciality, DON'T CARE. I just tried to gain access to his domain and you know what? The agent that bought the domain for him put the admin email in HER NAME. She is basically holding his domain hostage. If this story sounds like yours, if you feel this man's pain, do yourself a favour, book a free call with TL;DR and let's bring order to your chaos. It's NOT OK for a company to charge 5k and do nothing more than draw a logo.

It's NOT OK for agencies to take advantage of your ignorance and charge you for it.

It IS OK to have a Batphone you can call to consult with an actual expert before you dump money like he did. Tata for now,



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